Nanh Vuốt 2 Bitten Season 2 (2015)

Trạng thái:
Trọn bộ 10 tập

Điểm IMDb:

Đạo diễn:
Grant Harvey

Quốc gia:


Công ty SX:

Thời gian:
HD-Vietsub | Tập 10/10

Chất lượng [phút/tập]:
45 phút/tập

Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề Tiếng Việt

Thể loại:
Phim Kinh DịPhim Tâm Lý

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Phim Nanh Vuốt 2, Bitten Season 2 2015

When she left Stonehaven - ';;;;;for good this time';;;;; - Elena Michaels thought she had left the world of supernatural behind. Until the night she got a mysterious call from her pack leader asking her to come back. So now she is heading back, away from her normal life as a photographer in Toronto and back into the world of werewolves, full of rules about protect the pack and a man she had spent years trying to forget. As if things were not bad enough, Elena also happens to be the only living female werewolf.

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