20 Nuits Et Un Jour De Pluie 20 Nuits Et Un Jour De Pluie (2006)

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Chưa rõ,

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81 Phút

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HD-Nosub (18+)

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Phim 18+Phim 18+ Âu - Mỹ

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Phim 20 Nuits Et Un Jour De Pluie, 20 Nuits Et Un Jour De Pluie 2006

She was fleeing the West, and he the East. She was European, light-skinned, on her way back from Java, at the edge of the world. Once North-Vietnamese, now a proud Frenchman, he had an apartment in the center of Paris. This film tells the story of their embrace, 20 nights under the Parisian sky, in the shadow of Notre Dame. During these 20 nights they find refuge in each other bodies.

This is the final installment of a trilogy by vietnamese-french director. So here is a link to an excellent review in french.

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